Fertile Friends

I used to work at the publishing company that publishes The Conception Chronicles, which I HIGHLY recommend. I used to be the internet marketing manager there and for some reason the editor asked if I would read it when the manuscript was just about done.

I LOVED the book.

Which is really weird because this was before our wedding and we weren’t even thinking TTC yet, but its just so well written and the authors were a joy to work with. The even stranger thing was for some reason as soon as I started reading the book I had this premonition that we would have trouble TTC.. I have no idea why.

But that’s not even the reason I brought the book up, just an interesting aside. The real reason is because they have a whole chapter on “Fertile Friends and Fertile Foes” which is well written.

Fertile friends are your “real friends,” the ones who are supportive even though they may have no idea what it feels like to deal with infertility first hand, they still take your feelings into account.

Tracy, who is due in February, is definitely a fertile friend.

She called me the day after Sarah’s baby shower to ask me how I was doing.. she said she imagined it must have been really hard for me that day.

It was so unexpected and so considerate.. I didn’t even know what to say. Of COURSE I wanted to tell her, “it didn’t bother me at all because I’m PREGNANT!” but I want to wait to tell her in person, preferably after we see a heartbeat.

I love Tracy, she and her husband Mike are going to be really excited for us.. I can’t wait to tell them that their little one is going to have another playmate within a year!

The downside of being infertile is watching ALL your friends but you get pregnant. The upside is that once you finally do get pregnant, you have lots of good company :)

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Melanie says:

Hi Ariana,
I’ve been lurking on your blog for a while, but I’m a Sofla nestie that met you once about a year ago before you moved! I wanted to say that I am SO beyond thrilled for you! I’ve been thinking about you every day hoping you got your BFP and now hoping it sticks and you have a wonderful pregnancy! We miss you on the Sofla boards, you should stop by and say hello!!
~Melanie (nestie MelanieJH1016)