The Cat is Out of the Bag.

One of the reasons I haven’t posted our good news on becoming-home is that my Aunt Diane reads it. We just weren’t ready to tell our friends and family until we see the heartbeat at around 6 weeks.

Because this time frame puts us right before christmas, we had a whole christmas surprise worked out on how we were going to tell my parents and my sister. We thought we’d by them ornaments for our tree that said Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie and make them open them all at the same time.. i.e a nice hallmark moment right?

Well apparantly my aunt has been reading THIS blog all along (unbeknownst to me) and told my parents without asking me first (BAD AUNTIE!!). So instead of my hallmark moment,  I get my dad on the cell phone asking me leading questions last night…

Dad: “So, how are things?”

Me: “Um, fine, we’ve talked like 5 times today, there’s nothing new”

Dad: “Anything exciting happen?… at Work?…. or maybe at home… with Jeff?”

Me:” Jesus Christ you know?? Who told you!!  This is SO not how I wanted this  to happen..

It was probably the most anticlimactic thing I’ve ever experienced. Seriously, we’ve been waiting for this for so long, and we weren’t even in the same room with them when my parents found out they were going to be grandparents!!! My god, even if they knew they couldn’t wait to let us KNOW that they knew until we were together in person?  We live 5 minutes from eachother!!

The whole thing makes me want to cry..

Which isn’t saying much because I cry at the drop of a hat these days. One of my only symptoms so far.

Last night, Jeff brought this little onesie home:

Shhh.. I’m watching the game with Dad! 

I started crying and blubbering “It’s the first article of clothing that we bought for our baby..” etc. etc.

When I started tearing up when Jeff hung our stockings on the fake fireplace (Its our first Christmas in our new home!”) I knew we were in for a long nine months (god willing.)

So now that the cat was out of the bag and I can’t trust my family to keep their mouths shut about anything I called and told my little sister because I just needed to hear a surprised reaction from someone!

After talking with her and hearing how excited she was to be an auntie I felt a little better.

So now, if we can just keep this under wraps for a few more weeks we’ll at least have the reaction of our friends to look forward to!

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Lucinda says:

I can’t believe your aunt would do that. Oh well whats done is done. Now it’s time to celebrate!

ariana says:

Haydee, your children are absolutely beautiful! (And you’re not so bad yourself hot mamma!) Thanks for the well wishes, I’m so excited to be a mom…

Haydee says:

Oh my goodness! Congratulations. I’m a long time reader of your Becoming Home blog..I’m so happy for you guys. I too struggled to get pregnant so I can appreciate the miracle this is for you. My 2nd baby is 4 months (yesterday) and everyday is a great day because of these two little miracles in my lives. All the best.

Marybeth says:

My first appointment is a week from today. We’re thinking we’ll share the big news after that. I did, however, tell my dentist and hygenist for medical reasons a few weeks ago. They laughed so hard when I said they were the first ones I had told, and the only ones who knew our secret :)

Sara says:

I am terrible at secrets, and told my parents the same day we went to the doctor for our first ultrasound. Then we told his family on Thanksgiving. And then we told all our friends this past weekend, and oops, now everyone knows. And of course I am terrified something will go wrong, and I’ll have to tell all those people bad news…but pessimism has no place in a happy pregnancy! So I’ll stop thinking that way.

ariana says:

Thanks Sarah & Marybeth, How fun that we’re all expecting around the exact same time!

When do you both plan on telling your families if you haven’t already?

Marybeth says:

Aww, congrats! My husband and I are also about 5 weeks along, and I’m also struggling to keep it a secret! My fingers are crossed for you that all goes well, and I’m totally feeling your early-pregnancy symptoms. Increased (monstrous) appetite, crying for no good reason, etc…I’m right there with you!

Sara says:

I’m a new reader to your two blogs, but I wanted to say congratulations! We also found out recently that we’re pregnant and due July 21, 2008. It will be fun to follow along on your journey! Take care of yourself and your little one.