I think…maybe.. I saw a line???

Yes, I am only 11dpIUI, 10dp ovulation if I ovulated late which I think I did.. and I shouldn’t be testing this early, but I couldn’t help it. The $1 dollar tree pregnancy tests are so cheap I have hard time NOT peeing on them all the time..

I was FULLY expecting to see nothing, another BFN as usual. But then… after about 5 minutes I thought I saw a really really faint line.. I’m still not sure, maybe its a fluke.. I’m too scared to get excited:
BFP Maybe

BFP Maybe Inverted

There’s definitely something there right? I think I should try to go in for a Beta tomorrow..providing I still see the line on another test tomorrow morning.. OMG, could this really be happening??

I’m posting it here because I’m too scared to tell anyone else but I have to tell SOMEONE!!

**Afternoon Update**

After posting here and everyone saying it was a BFP, I got an Answer brand test, held my pee for a couple hours and…….BFP!!!!


BFP on Answer test.. the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen in my life..

Ok, so now I know its not an evaporation line like I was scared it might be.. but of course I’m now worried that maybe its the HCG trigger I took on CD11? That was 13 days ago, so I don’t think so, but it’s possible.

Last month I started testing on dollar store HPTs at around 9dpo just so I could see the trigger leave my system and I never really got a positive, so I think it was gone by then.. ?

Does the worrying never end? Why can’t I just enjoy this, what should be the happiest moment of my life instead of freaking out about “what ifs?”

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MaRia says:

Hi Lindsay, im going tru the same situation. Was it a Bfp?

Lindsay says:

I just took a dollar tree test (i know what you mean when you say they are so cheap they’re hard not to pee on) lol and i took mine apart just like that and it looked JUST like that. I’m going to retest in the am to make sure but i’m so excited. We’ve been ttc for months now and my husband is getting deployed next week!I also can see this is an old post but i can’t help but to respond to it:)

Kara says:

Hi – random lurker here who reads your houseblog but is also ttc so I started reading this as well – just wanted to say congratulations! I don’t think that could be the HGC, just a BFP!

hayley says:

congrats! :) no, the worrying never stops. welcome to motherhood…you worry when they are in the womb, you worry when they are out of the womb. :)

TTTC Luker says:

Congrats!! I’m so happy for you! Keep testing, and go get that Beta!

someone says:

-Crosses fingers for you-

Best wishes and good luck :)