10dpIUI – The Wait is Almost Over

In regards to my previous post about the high temperature – it was a fluke. My BBT went back down to 98.4 ish yesterday and back up to around 98.7 today.

I woke up at 5am this morning and could NOT fall back to sleep. Partly because I was restless in general but I was also having period-like cramps which usually starts to happen to me around 10dpo which is three days before I usually get my period.  The cramps together with the fact that my breasts stopped feeling sore today tells me that my period is on its way as usual. Its weird though, I would have thought the progesterone supplements would keep the large/sore bbs going up until I stop taking them.

Maybe my body just isn’t fooled by the fake stuff!

In other news..

I just got an interesting email from Dr. I used to work for.  She struggled with infertility and went through several rounds of IVF before getting pregnant with her son. Figuring she was pretty savvy on the NY IVF scene I asked her what she thought of the various clinics I was considering.

I was very surprised when she wrote that she didn’t have a good  experience at ALL with NYU and Dr. Griffo. And she went to medical school at NYU! She ended up switching first to RMA NJ and then RMANY where she ultimately had her baby.   Until now I had been leaning towards NYU… I have to email her back and get more details!

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