BBT Rise – Does it mean anything?

My BBT Chart

This morning I woke up and my temperature was 98.85!

You can see from the chart above that this is much higher than my normal temperatures.

In the REAL world, this would probably have no significance. But in the alternate world of infertility, this is the kind of “sign” that desperate infertiles obsess over during the crazy-making two week wait.

It could mean that an embryo has implanted in my uterus and started generating its own progesterone. Baby’s progesterone + the fake progesterone suppositories = big temperature rise.

Or, it could mean absolutely nothing.

I have been extraordinarily unstressed this 2ww. Last month, I wrote down every tiny little twinge and chocked it up to the possibility that I was pregnant. This month, I haven’t even been thinking about it.. maybe because I haven’t had many symptoms. This temperature rise is the first thing out of the ordinary to report.

Well, that and the fact that my BBs are three times their normal size! But that is thanks to the progestrone suppositories so it doesn’t count. Ditto the weight gain (I hope anyway, it would suck if its just extra thanksgiving calories!)

One temperature in and of itself doesn’t mean much.. what people look for is a consistent second thermal shift called a “triphasic” pattern which is common in pregnancy charts.

Wish me very high temperatures tomorrow morning!!

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honey says:


ariana says:

Yes I did! Good luck to you :)

honey says:

Hi glad to see your chart..coz i too have the same thermal shift..again we are trying for a year….
so you got pregnant that month? im keeping my fingers crossed..waitin for your reply and for the temp to keep high..

ariana says:

Thanks D.. Haha, if prosecco were the only thing I needed to get me pregnant I’d have a litter by now ;)

I appreciate the warm wishes and support!


Dawn says:

You are in my thoughts! I really hope this is your month and you and Jeff will be blessed with a little miracle. Maybe it was the prosecco that helped you along. Wouldn’t that be funny? I’m sorry for everything you’re going through – physically and emotionally.

Hugs to you!