CD 15 – we have a temperature rise!

I woke up this morning and THANK GOD my temps were finally up, 98.11 to be exact. Not really that high, but high enough to be a clear thermal shift meaning that I DID ovulate.. I just wonder when.

Unfortunately neither Jeff nor I could muster up the energy to have sex last night, so I’m really hoping it was Sunday the day it was “supposed” to happen.

Either way I’m happy that I am officially in the two week wait..even though the 2ww drives me certifiably insane.
This morning I took my first progesterone suppository. Does the fun never end?

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ariana says:

Honestly, if you had a bad reaction to clomid you will love the injectables! I guess I was one of the lucky ones, I didn’t have ANY side effects on Clomid and my lining was ok which is one of the worries about clomid.

I was eager to move on to injectables, but now that I’ve done it I think I might want to go back to clomid purely for the user friendliness. All the extra monitoring appointments with the injections made me feel like infertility was taking over my life!! But if I had horrible clomid side effects I would feel differently I’m sure.

Keep me posted how the injections are going!

It's Lovely says:

Hi Ariana,
Messy I can handle : ) I tried Clomid few months ago to no avail and OMG I was a MESS. Cried like a baby at the most ridiculous things. I had to take break for a few months and went back to ‘trying natually’. The shots are up next. They just arrived actually. UGH, something to ‘look forward to’.

ariana says:

Thanks lovely! The progesterone suppositories are just messy.. not so bad I guess, though I have to say I would rather give myself a shot than feel so icky all day long for two weeks.

Are you taking any meds or still trying naturally?

It's Lovely says:

That’s so exciting! I’m sure with the sharp pains you had and the temp change that you ovulated. : ) Progesterone suppository, yikes. They haven’t told me about those yet…I guess they don’t want to scare me away. : (

mori says:

Happy Thanksgiving!